Monday, July 07, 2008

StLJN jazz site of the week:

The StLJN jazz site of the week is Jazz, a site " dedicated to the preservation of information for the musical compositions known as jazz standards," which are defined as compositions "held in continuing esteem and...commonly used as the basis of jazz arrangements and improvisations."

Compiling information from reference books and historical documents with commentary by jazz performers, historians, and musicologists, the site includes a list of the 1000 most-frequently recorded jazz standard compositions, detailed information on the top 100 jazz standards including origins, historical notes, musical analyses and CD suggestions, plus biographies of songwriters and performers, a historical timeline, and links to further references.

Whether you're looking for information on a specific song, or seeking to explore and learn more about jazz by studying its most enduring and popular compositions, is well worth a look and/or a bookmark.

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