Monday, July 21, 2008

StLJN jazz site of the week: Restructures

The StLJN jazz site of the week is Restructures, which offers as its primary attraction an extensive - some might even say exhaustive - collection of links related to free jazz, improvisation and creative music. Sure, there's a measure of content right there on the site, including discographies of a handful of avant-garde jazz players, but the real action is in what the site's proprietor Jason Guthartz calls the "link library".

Categories include artists, essays, calendars, magazines, broadcasts, labels, retailers and miscellaneous, and depending on the artist or topic, the links can include artists' or organizations' Web sites, audio files, interviews, critical essays, discographies and more. Though the site design is about as basic as it gets, it's a very well-thought-out and researched directory. If you have any interest in adventurous jazz or creative music post-1960, chances are you'll find Restructures to be a highly useful resource.

(Edited after posting to fix a typo.)

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Jason Guthartz said...

Thanks for the kind words, Dean.
You failed to point out the glaring omission of "St Louis Jazz Notes" from my link library - an oversight to be corrected shortly :)