Monday, June 16, 2008

StLJN jazz site of the week: Jerry Jazz Musician

The StLJN jazz site of the week is Jerry Jazz Musician, a site that's somewhat hard to describe in just a few words.

Billed as "a website devoted to jazz and American civilization," JJM is a somewhat idiosyncratic online jazz magazine with all sorts of original material, including interviews with musicians and authors, critical essays, reviews, and original art and photos. It's been online since 1998, which makes it one of the longest-running continuously updated jazz sites on the Web, and it does have a somewhat retro look and navigation system that may be a little off-putting at first for some users.

However, there's definitely enough interesting content to justify spending some time digging around. JJM also has a monthly newsletter that highlights the new items on the site as it is updated. Jerry Jazz Musician has been nominated twice by the Jazz Journalists Association as "Best Web site focusing on jazz," and I'd agree that it's well worth a look and/or a bookmark.

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