Monday, June 16, 2008

BAG presenting "Sworn To the Drum"
on Sunday, June 22

The Black Artists Group is presenting another free event on Sunday, June 22. From their news release:
"Join “Baba” Mike Nelson (pictured) and friends on Sunday, June 22 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. for "Sworn to the Drum," a musical salute to the spirit of the drum, at Scott Joplin House State Historic Site in the Rosebud Café.

A native of St. Louis, Nelson has earned the title of “Omo Anà” or sacred drummer in a global brotherhood of musicians. “This brotherhood is national, international and world-wide. A community that we are expanding by welcoming all to come and share this music with us,” says Nelson.

“This is a musical journey of drumming using local accomplished drummers who have taken an oath to the drum. “Sworn to The Drum” means that we have dedicated our lives to the preservation and protection of drum culture. Singers, dancers and musicians will also accompany the various styles of drumming.

“Part of what we want to speak to is the fact that in the past this style of drumming was relegated only to kings and queens. We’re widening the circle to bring this to the people. Making it accessible to the people and welcoming everyone into the circle,” says Nelson.

“These drummers have dedicated their lives to teaching and the proper social context of the styles of the drumming that we will be sharing on Sunday night. We need to widen the circle, and that is what this event is all about...

...Sunday’s line-up will include Haitian, West African and Afro- Cuban drumming with a tinge of improvisational jazz. Everyone will be invited to take a journey.

“As we have been taught, we want to empower the community with the power that we have, sharing the journey,” says Nelson, “We hope to have people walk away with a new respect for traditional music. An awareness of the sacred drum tradition.”

All BAG events are free and family friendly. Everyone is welcome."
For more information, call 314-340-5790 or send an email to

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